The Misunderstood Miracle

How marketing mayhem, disinformation, ignorance, and greed have obscured the truth about the world's greatest natural healer!


By Richard T. Waggoner

the sun shining bright surrounded by clouds
a mysterious looking elixir shrouded by smoke
toy blocks that read: Fact and Fake
graphic of the human body showing the endocannabinoid system
fanciful image of woman running into the sky with the sun in the background. image represents the runner's high

"Its popularity is unprecedented. Never has a natural health substance garnered so much attention. Its sales are now on track to eclipse its mighty cousin, largely because it is said to have even more medical benefits than its cousin but is not psychoactive... It is psychoactive.

People swear it can cure cancer, end seizures, banish pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and just about every other ailment that afflicts both body and mind... It can't. 

But what it can do is literally mind-blowing! This book reveals the truth, and why hardly anyone understands its real power, let alone understands how to use that power effectively... You'll understand."

Hempland USA CEO Rick Waggoner smiling and holding a small dog
Author, Richard Waggoner

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